Ichor Coal

At IchorCoal, we consider the health and safety of our employees as our first priority.

We are committed to adhering to world class health, safety and environmental management standards and will continually strive for zero harm by taking actions to:

  • Develop, implement and maintain an integrated management system for safety, health, environment, community and quality based on global best practice.
  • Drive continuous improvement through setting objectives and targets based on sound hazard identification and risk assessment methodologies, conduct regular reviews of the system and measure our performance through regular internal and external audits.
  • Comply with all applicable legislation, regulations, company policies, procedures and customer requirements.
  • Promote awareness of significant health, safety, environment and quality impacts of each person’s activities on an ongoing basis and ensure that behaviour is in accordance with the highest standards.
  • Conserve natural resources such as water, energy and land by engaging and encouraging our employees, contractors, communities and stakeholders to minimize consumption of resources and prevent pollution through innovation and use of the best available technologies.
  • Take due care to prevent process loss, property damage, work related injuries and ensure that activities are safe for employees, contractors, communities and stakeholders who come into contact with our work environment.
  • Ensure that every person involved in our business is fully conversant with his/her right to a safe and healthy workplace and his/her right to immediately stop any act or condition that contravenes sound safety and health standards.
  • Adopt a clear vision of future business decisions, harnessing best available technologies, processes, materials, products and management practices which improve health, safety, environment and quality performance.
  • Train employees and contractors on issues of health, safety, environment and quality management to ensure sustainable and ongoing improvement in our performance.
  • Communicate our health, safety, environment and quality policy to all employees, contractors and stakeholders.