Ichor Coal

Mines are often the key economic motor of the communities in which they are located. We are committed to ensure that the local population benefits from the presence of our investments and shares in the growth potential of the local economy.

Those who invest in South Africa must become involved in the community and fund social welfare projects. IchorCoal and its subsidiaries take this obligation seriously.

Through early engagement and local economic development programs, the company aims to achieve sustainable economic growth that increases employment, prosperity and quality of life for the local communities.

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IchorCoal sees its most important task in helping people and businesses in the local community. Therefore the company works closely with the Small Enterprises Development Agency, which assists the self-employed and young start-ups in setting themselves up.

IchorCoal continues to attach great importance to socioeconomic development projects within the framework of social and labour plans. Altogether, the company makes a significant amount of resources available to local communities each year. In this way, IchorCoal seeks to demonstrate ties with the community and contribute towards supporting the development of the region.