Ichor Coal

Please note that the Company reserves the right to change these dates without prior notice. 

Upcoming Events
Further updates to the financial calendar to follow in due course.  
Previous Events
AGM 30th June 2022
Publication of 2019 Annual Financial Statements 19th May 2022
AGM 25th March 2021
Publication of 2018 Annual Financial Statements  29 January 2021
EGM 8th May 2020
EGM 30th September 2019
Publication of 2017 Annual Financial Statements 4th September 2019
EGM 3rd June 2019
AGM 7th January 2019
Publication of 2016 Annual Financial Statement 15th November 2018
EGM 31st May 2018
EGM 31st October 2017
AGM 22nd May 2017
Publication of the Half Year Report September 2016
Publication of the Annual Report 2015 August 2016
AGM 2nd August 2016
EGM  30th June 2016
Annual General Meeting June 2015
Publication of Half Year Report September 2015
Publication of Annual Report 2014 April 2015
Publication of Half Year Report September 2014
Annual General Meeting June 2014
Publication of Annual Report 2013 April 2014